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A league of their own 

Skills Night

Monday, May 14

Monday June 11

Monday, July 23

Monday, Aug 27 

For the 2nd time, Tamsu will host a Summer Skills House League geared for creating or continuing to create your working relationship, focus and drive.

 7:00 pm start - estimate 9:00 pm finish

 Each night all dogs will participate in several interactive/body awareness games, perform recalls with various distractions, and work on different drive and focus drills. 

This “league” will be built up of dogs of all ages with the “pairing of groups” with “like” ages.  Some “groups” will be working foundation exercises while other groups will be working the “extended version” of the exercises with possibly more equipment involvement and a lot more distractions to work through.

 House League Rules

  • This is NOT a team event
  • House league will be limited to 30 dogs.
  • You must bring a portable crate to league as crate games are an important part of self control and start line games.
  • Young dogs and dogs who are challenge by distractions are KEY players for this league.  Whether the distractions be motion, cookies on the floor or other dogs or people……..This is your night to train your YOUNG AGILITY STAR.
  • The goal of the house league is to build your working relationship, build play drive and develop good foundation skills – in a distractive environment………who could ask for anything more?
  • Toys and food will be allowed
  • Cost $100 per dog– cheques can be post dated to May 1st and payable to Sarah Mairs-Heaslip
  • Tamsu has a Facebook Group that events will be kept up-to-date.  Please join if you wish to be updated about regular events at Tamsu Learning Center.
  • In really bad Rainy weather we will move to a horse facility near by Tamsu – so not to worry we’ve go you covered!  But we have ordered nothing but sun for this summer so this is just an FYI.
  • Please mail or hand deliver your entry form to Sarah in an ENVELOPE with your name on it and mark that it is for SKILLS house League.
  • Sarah Mairs-Heaslip
    RR#4, 1201 Adjala Tecumseth Townline
    Tottenham ON
    L0G 1W0
  • If you have any questions please email  Sarah at sarahmairs@hotmail.com

Click    HERE    for Entry Form