Sarah Mairs-Heaslip


Sarah has been involved in training dogs for over 15 years in all dog sports especially agility and flyball. She has trained several different breeds which enhances her knowledge of working with different dogs among different needs.  She has had a high level of success in the agility ring, which is reflected in National and Regional scores, in addition to her representation on the Canadian Team at the FCI and IFCS World Championships for the years 2004, 2005 and 2006.

Her flyball team (Tamsu) is based out of Tottenham and has a personal best time of 16.667.  While she enjoys the competitive aspect of flyball she also enjoys and appreciates that each breed offers something special to the sport.  Sarah and her team enjoy running different line ups to support this philosophy.  

Sarah is the Head Agility Instructor at Tamsu Learning Center, teaching privates, semi privates, group classes and seminars.  You will on occasion see her helping out in the obedience classes. Sarah has a well rounded level of knowledge and experience to deal with many training issues; from lack of motivation, to high drive intensity; Sarah will help develop a road to success. She believes in using operant conditioning and positive reinforcement to create the behaviors she is looking for; her understanding and willfulness to learn from others has driven her to higher levels within the sport of Agility; she credits Susan Garrett of Say Yes Dog Training Inc. for the introduction and continuation of dog training using operant conditioning.   

Sarah and her Golden Retriever, Gabby were
2004 FCI Canadian World Agility Team members - Italy
2005 FCI Canadian World Agility Team members - Spain
2006 IFCS Canadian World Agility Individual and Team members - Netherlands
This is the top level of accomplishment in the agility world and would not come without hard work and a fantastic canine partner.
Sarah is also an Advance level AAC judge.

Sarah’s Dogs Accomplishments


Mister Zimmer 'Zimmer' - All Canadian
Flyball Dog Master
Agility Dog - United States Dog Agility Association
Agility Trial Champion, Bronze award of Merit
EXST Bronze, EXJ Bronze, EXG Silver, EXS Bronze
Versatility Bronze Award
Member of the Big Air Dog Show at the Sportsman show - 2006 and 2007
Jr. Dock Dog  Certificate

2007 AAC Ontario Agility Regionals-  12th Over all 22 Reg Division
Not too shabby for his first time and it was a horrible Thunderstormy 2nd day (Zimm is REALLY afraid of Thunder)
Gamble#1 - 10th, Jumper #1- 13th, Gamble #2 - 20th, Jumper #2 - 18th

Zimmer is a clever little guy who puts the term “smarty-pants” to good use.  He has taught Sarah a lot about patience and understanding.  Zimmer was very independent as a young dog and really was not toy motivated, or really motivated to get off the couch.  Sarah learned a lot about relationship building through everything Zimmer has brought to the table. Zimmer is very sensitive to inclimate weather, which brings another large bag of tricks to the table to deal with, especially when the game you most play is outdoors rain or shine!!

Zimmer loved flyball more then any of the sports, as there weren’t as many rules in that game- come, bark, get the ball and tug - Not too much to think about.  He could run in any position and for anyone who wanted to play.  His initial team was Rocket Relay and he has played on several teams in the interim.
Zimmer’s active life has come to an end by an incident with a random dog who attacked him and left him with a fairly severe injury to his leg.  Though mentally he is ready to go-.physically, he has to be controlled.  As hard as Sarah has found this she believes that there is a silver lining in this experience;  Zimmer continues to be a great family dog and is getting stronger every week.

Jiggy Moy
'Jiggy' - Border Collie - DOB - November 6, 2002
Agility Trial Champion
Bronze Award of Merit, EXST Bronze, EXG Bronze, EXSC Bronze
Versatility Bronze Award
Jr. Dock Dog Certificate

2007 – AAC Ontario Regional 16th overall 22 ‘ Reg Division (not bad for her first huge event)
Gamble #1-11th,
Jumpers #1 - 1st, Gamble #2- 4th

2008 -AAC Ontario Regional - 28th overall
Jumpers Round #2 - 4th

2008 AAC National Championships, Sussex New Brunswick – 22” 6th place overall
Std #1 – 5th, Jumper #1 – 12th, Jumper #2 – 9th, Gamble #1 – 14th
Steeplechase Round #1 – 9th qualified for Round #2

Jiggy is a very eager Border Collie who has one level of performance speed....EXTREME and when in the house is so docile, she tends to sleep all day if you let her.  She loves the sport of flyball, again the lack of rules sets the pace!  She generally runs 4.1 over 10’s and has posted the odd 4.0.  Her box turn is very efficient and Sarah credits Kelly and Aaron Robbins of Rocket Relay Flyball team for all their help.  In fact, if it wasn’t for them, Sarah probably would never have got Jiggy in the first place.  Rocket Relay Flyball team was Jiggy’s first team, but due to distant driving challenges, Sarah had to relocate.  Nonetheless they keep connected with all their original flyball buddies and littermates!

In the Agility ring, Jiggy always attracts a crowd.  Her level of enthusiasm is eye catching, and watching Sarah try to keep at the wheel can be very entertaining.  Having been Sarah’s first herding dog, there were a lot of natural challenges to overcome, never mind the natural ability Jiggy had.  Through being very consistent with Greg Derrett’s handling system, and teaching strong foundation; the teamwork between Sarah and Jiggy has become evident.

Jiggy enjoys all aspects of life with the retrievers, and though she can’t “fly” off the dock she tries her hardest and loves swimming with the best of them.  Jiggy, is often referred to as “Piglet” she has always been tiny (petite) and loves to sleep under the blankets….hence ….. Pig is in the blanket!!! 

Tamsu’s Cutting Edge 'Cutter' - Golden Retriever (Tor's grandson, Gabby’s son) DOB - December 24, 2004
FDCH S - Cutter is an amazing flyball dog with times posted in the low 4.0’s.  He has posted one 3.9  which is a big accomplishment for his breed.  Sarah wishes she had more time to spend on keeping his box mechanics strong as he loves the sport so much…....but you can’t do everything perfect!!! Thus, Cutter doesn’t get to play as much flyball as he would like.

2nd Trial in Novice Cutter earned a Perfect Score of 200!!!
Agility titles include - AGDC, MSCDC, MAD
Senior Dog Dock - Certificate
Member of the Big Air Dog Show at the Toronto Sportsman Show 2007, 2008 and 2009
Best Jump 25 ft!

2008 – AAC Ontario Regional – 26 ‘ Division 23rd overall
Jumper #2 - 4th

2008 AAC National Championships, Sussex New Brunswick – 26” 23rd overall
Jumpers #1 – 2nd place, Gamble #1, 7th place
Steeplechase Round #1 10th- qualified for Round #2

Cutter is a young and boisterous little guy, he has so much will to please.  He is starting to debut in several of the dog sports and is showing excellence in everything he does.  He is very well natured and would be described as submissive.  Nothing about this boy is ever subdue, and if so, we’d be making a trip to the vet!  Cutter is at Stud and more will be posted directly to a link in the near future. 


Tamsu’s Special Angel 'Gabby'- Golden Retriever - DOB April 18, 1998 – enjoys life over the Rainbow Bridge
Flyball Dog Master
Aug 2003 - Rocket Relay Tournament - Gabby was on a 4-Breed team that broke 17 seconds with a time of 16.99 - This was so exciting for Gabby and Sarah (their first sub 17sec time) -Gabby ran a 4.21!

Junior Hunter
Working Certificate Excellent

2004 FCI Canadian World Agility Team members , Italy
2005 FCI Canadian World Agility Team members, Spain
2006 IFCS Canadian World Agility Team members, Netherlands
Agility Dog Excellent - Canadian Kennel Club
Advanced Agility Dog - United States Dog Agility Association
Agility Trial Champion (AAC) - First Golden Retriever in Canada to obtain this title
Lifetime Achievement award (AAC) - First Golden Retriever in Canada to obtain this title

#1 Golden for 2001, 2002, 2003 in AAC
In the top 25 dogs for all of Canada in 2002 and 2003, 2004

Royal Winter Fair Canine/Equine Champion

AAC National 2004 - 10th place 22 - Division
1st place in Gamble run #2 - Gabby beat over 100 dogs!

2007- Ontario Regional 16” Veteran Champion
Gamble #1 - 1st, Std #1 - 1st, Jumper #1- 1st, Gamble #2- 2nd, Jumper #2- 1st
Qualified for Steeplechase Finals

2007 -
AAC Nationals 16” Veteran 3rd Over All
Jumpers Round #1 - 2nd, Jumpers Round #2 - 2nd, Gamble Round #1 -2nd, Std #2 - 2nd
Qualified for Steeplechase finals

2008  -
Ontario Regional - 2nd Over All
Std #1 - 2nd, Jumper #1- 2nd, Jumper #2-1st

2008 AAC National Championships, Sussex New Brunswick – 16” Veteran NATIONAL CHAMPION
Std #1 – 3rd, Std #2 – 2nd, Jumper #1 – 1st, Jumper #2 – 1st, Gamble #1 3rd, Gamble #2 – 3rd
Steeplechase Round #1 – 3rd, Round #2 – 2nd, Final – 2nd

2008 - Canada Cup- Snooker Challenge
16” Veteran Champion

Member of the Big Air Dog Show at the Sportsman show - 2004, 2005 and 2007  -
Best Jump- 2005 � 21 feet
Intermediate Dock Dog Certificate
At the tender age of 10.5  Gabby had many accomplishments to her name, but more then all the great times and runs we’ve had, Gabby was the best friend to Sarah and Brent. Gabby enjoys doing what Gabby wants to do, we know she is always smiling and shining gold in every field she travels through, over the rainbow.


Tamsu’s Tornado 'Tor' - Golden Retriever (Gabby’s mom) enjoys life over The Rainbow Bridge.
Flyball Master Excellent
Obedience Trial Champion
Working Certificate Excellent
Junior Hunter
Veteran Agility Trial Champion - Agility Association of Canada
Novice Agility Title - Canadian Kennel Club
1st Golden Retriever in Canada to obtain a Starter Level Agility Title (AAC)
Several TV Commercials and Newspaper ads - notable - Porch dog in R.L. Stein’s Goosebumps “My Hairiest Adventure”

Redenblu’s Gozar of Tamsu
'Gozar' - Australian Cattle Dog - enjoys life over The Rainbow Bridge.
Flyball Master
Companion Dog
Canine Good Citizen
Advanced Agility Dog
Gozar was also a part of several movies and commercials; her intriguing body coloring caught the eye of many admirers.


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