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Cassie is one of our very dedicated instructors, who helps out with our Puppy and Advanced level obedience classes and teaches beginner agility. Cassie has been with TAMSU for over 10 years and her love and passion for working with dogs shows in her enthusiasm to help others train their own dogs.

Cassie loves working with her own dogs (2 Rottweilers and a Border Collie puppy) because their desire to work is so strong. Training a dog develops a balanced and complete dog when they feel they have a sense of accomplishment. A busy dog is a happy, relaxed dog. Cassie knows that the Rottweiler reputation is not always stellar, but she believes that what you receive from your dog is a direct result of what you put into it. Therefore a relationship that is based on consistency, love and respect will produce a happy and well balanced dog. Having a good working relationship with your dog also helps to insure that you will have a deeper more meaningful personal relationship with your dog, regardless of the breed.

Cassie’s first Rottweiler, Dylan, was a working therapy dog and he actively visited at a retirement home for over 6 years. Dylan was also one of the pioneer dogs for the Therapeutic Paws of Canada’s “Paws to Read” program in Orillia, Ontario to help encourage young readers.

Cassie and Dylan discovered, and were very successful at, many different dog sports. Dylan earned a Canadian Championship, a Companion Dog Excellent, a Veteran Masters Agility Dog, and a Veteran Master Team Relay, as well as his Therapy Dog recognition and numerous Temperament test awards. In addition to all of this, Dylan was granted a certificate from the Governor General for all of his therapy work during the SARS epidemic!!  Dylan also appeared in various television shows such as an episode of Relic Hunter, Doc, Darcy’s Wildlife and various TV commercials.

Emma has continued the journey for Cassie and together they have embarked on a tremendous career. Emma earned her Canadian Championship and Novice Obedience titles before she was 18 months of age! What a great start! Emma has also been very successful in agility and worked her way from starters to masters in one season of trialling and is continuing to prove that any breed can be successful with the right training and attitude. Emma has also done well in obedience earning her Companion Dog Excellent titles in both Canada and the U.S. and is currently working towards her Obedience Trial Championship. Emma’s talent seems to be endless as she has also earned her Novice Schutzhund Traffic Sureness test or BH, which is an obedience and temperament test combined, as well as earning her AD, which is an endurance test in which she had to run 20 kms!

Cassie’s young dog, Ely, is Emma’s son and he is successfully following in his mother’s big paw prints and has been busy burning up the agility rings. It’s always entertaining watching Cassie run the Rottweilers back to back in the 22” specials division at agility trials! One of Ely’s favourite pastimes is running believe it or not and he especially loves running his “hill drills” at Tamsu.

Cassie actively competes in obedience, agility, rally and conformation with all of her dogs and some of their proudest accomplishments are:


******Emma finishes 9th overall at 2008 AAC Agility Nationals in Sussex New Brunswick******

Steeplechase Round #1- 6th place and qualified for Round #2
Steeplechase Round #2 - 4th place
Standard Round #1 - 12th place
Standard Round #2 - 4th place
Jumpers Round #1 - 8th place
Jumpers Round #2 - 12th place
Gamble Round #1 - 10th place

WAY TO GO ELY ! Cassie was on cloud 9 and shed a few tears of joy when Ely won BISS at the Sovereign Rottweiler Club of Ontario Specialty Show - July 15, 2007

Ely finished his Canadian Championship at only 9 months of age and is currently just 3 points short of his American Championship.


And proving that he’s not just another handsome face, Ely was HIGH IN TRIAL at his very first CARO Rally Obedience Trial in 2008 with a perfect score of 200 and then winning the run-off by earning yet another perfect score! Way to go big guy!

You can probably tell by now that Rottweilers are Cassie's breed of choice. She loves working with them because they are happy and willing workers who will obligingly take on any task she throws at them. She has not come across anything they can't do; they are physically fit, well built and even tempered. However, Cassie’s newest addition is a red and white Border collie named K8 and these two have high aspirations for agility and obedience.

As you can see there are many different things you can do with your dog and the benefits and possibilities are endless so get out there and get training!!! J


V3 Select Ch. Jowett’s Blazing Fire CDX, VMADC, VMTRDC, TT, CGN, CGC, TT, HIC, RCC Versatility, RCC Hall of Fame (Dylan).  

V Rated Ch. Esmonds Jump For Joy Am/Can CDX, MADC, MSDC, MJDC, MTRDC, MSCDC, AGDC, Ag.X Ag.IJ, RE, NA, NAJ, RNMCL, BH, AD, CGN, TT, HIC, RCC Hall of Fame (Emma).  

V Rated BISS Ch. U-Ch Esmonds Qruzin’ For A Bruzin’ Ag.N, AADC, AGDC, RNMCL, RN, AD, CGN, TT, HIC (Ely).  

HiQ First R8 K8, RN

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